11h – Goldwind

Title: Challenges and Innovations for Service Business in Brazil

Description: Brazil, with one of the best wind regimes in the world, faces severe environmental conditions operationally affecting different turbines all over the country. This context leading to higher O&M costs and lower generation output. What are the perspectives behind that and potential improvement methods?

Speaker: José Eduardo & Rafael Guerra

12h – Vestas

Title: Vestas Product Offering – V150-4.2MW at a Glance

Description: With the V150-4.2 MW™ Vestas leads onshore wind power to new heights. With 73.7 meter long blades and the industry’s tallest steel tower, the V150-4.2 MW™ stretches nearly a quarter of a kilometer into the air and is one of the highest producing onshore wind turbines in the industry. Combined with a leading capacity factor, the turbine delivers a 21 percent increase in annual energy production compared to the V136-3.45 MW® while achieving a sound power level of only 104.9 dB(A) to serve sound sensitive regions.

Speaker: Renato Loureiro Gonçalves

13h – GE

Title: GE’s new turbine technical presentation - model 4.8 – 158m

Description: The GE launches on Brazil the largest Onshore Wind Turbine, with 158m rotor. The presentation will show the details on this innovative product to Brazilian market.

Speaker: Vitor Matsuo – Product Line Global da GE Renewable Energy

14h – Shell

Title:  Shell Lubricants – Boosting efficient and reliable wind power

Description: How Shell Lubricants solutions deliver value to wind turbine manufacturers and operators by reducing total cost of ownership and increasing equipment efficiency and reliability."

Speaker: Cezar Cerbam - Lubricants Techinical Manager

15h – AMSOIL

 Title: Oil as component of wind turbine Gearbox and the importance of filtration

Description: This presentation will discuss how wind turbine Gearbox oil should be regarded not as merely a consumable, but itself as an integral Gearbox component. Oil that is used in a gearbox is a valuable asset and should be designed with this, and its role as a component, in mind. The value and importance of gearbox oil filtration will also be discussed.

Speaker: Brian Burks. 
Senior Field Sales Engineer.


Title: Wind Turbine Operational Data: Where do I start?

Description: The focus of this presentation is to give an introduction to the basic types of data, devices, and analyses required for unified wind turbine performance analysis across multiple wind turbine manufacturers.  Specific Attention will be paid to the process of collection of wind turbine alarm and availability data, and how to incorporate auditing processes within an organization to challenge turbine OEMs on availability contracts, numbers, and guarantees.

Speaker: Bradley Johnson, Lead Solution Architect    




10h – Wobben

Title: E-Charger – The Electric Vehicle Charger from ENERCON

Summary: ENERCON presents the E-Charger 600, the fastest commercially available charger for electric vehicles which uses the already proven technology of the ENERCON wind turbine’s power electronics. 

Speaker: Florian Zickfeld - Regional Sales Manager Latin America

11h – Enel & Afaplan

Title: DELFINA – case study

Summary: Delfina Wind Farm - 180 MW, owned by EGP, is already in commercial operation. The constant challenge of a Project with this magnitude will be told by the Owner Engineering Team: ENEL & afaplan.
Topics such as: Constructive Steps and Concrete Quality Control, Sustainability - Improvements and Donations to local communities, Employability, Monitoring of puma/jaguars and other species, among others... 

Camilo Rebollo Couto - Head of Area Plant Construction - Engineering & Construction – ENEL GREEN POWER
Flávio André Ride Barreiro – Operations Director – afaplan

12h – Siemens Gamesa

Title: OOEM - Maintenance & upgrades to maximize your revenues

Description: How getting your turbines serviced & upgraded by another manufacturer will increase your profitability. Multi-technology success stories: more than 10 technologies maintained worldwide since 2010 by Siemens Gamesa.

Speaker: Tristan Wallbank - Diretor Comercial de Serviços

13h – Saipem – XSIGHT division

Title:  Saipem in Offshore Wind

Description: The presentation gives an insight of Saipem capabilities within the offshore wind industry: client early engagement, Saipem as EPC contractor, references and the new patented floating wind foundation, a novel concept by Saipem.

Speaker: Dario Giudice – Naval Architect – Renewables & Green Tech. Product Lead

14h – UL

Title: Wind Farm Performance Analysis

Speaker: Alexandre Pereira / Gerente Renewables-Brasil e Claudia Puyals / Engenheira Senior

15h – ABB

Title: ABB Ability – Asset Management in digital substations

Description: How the Ellipse platform shifts the scenario from preventive to predictive maintenance through asset management integrated into substations with station and process bus, according to the IEC 61850 standard, including applications of cyber security concepts.

Speaker: Julio Cesar de Oliveira – Technology Manager for Grid Automation

16h – Siemens Gamesa

Title: OptimaFlex: Optimization through Flexibility

Description: OptimaFlex delivers tailored solutions for each wind farms’ specific needs, including: advanced site design; AEP increase through flexible power rating; site specific tower portfolio and integrated turbine-BoP CAPEX optimization.

Speaker: Warwick David Heaney – Technology Director / Gladis Kuhlkamp - Head of Pre-sales

17h – Prevent Work

Title: How to get return on investment in safety and occupational health.

Description: Due to the safety and occupational health legislation, hiring of qualified professionals and the lack of strategic planning, Energy Generation companies no longer have satisfactory financial results.

Speaker: José Sergio de Sousa Medeiros

12h – Wobben

Title: Risk Management in O & M Contracts for Wind Turbines

Summary: The objective of this Workshop is to present a long-term Risk perspective in the Operation of Wind Turbines and to propose a discussion on the sharing of these Risks between the manufacturers and investors.

Speaker: João Paulo Cavalcanti - C.O.O. Service



10h - AGF Energia & Neo Wind

Title: Condition Monitoring System - CMS          

Description: The purpose of this presentation is to provide an introduction to predictive maintenance of the wind generator through Conditioning Monitoring System (CMS). The CMS performs real-time monitoring of the wind turbine’s most critical mechanical stresses and thus allows the anticipation of attrition, providing cost reduction planning and downtime. From recurring damages to Gearbox and bearings to mechanical or aerodynamic blade unbalance, the CMS is able to predict damage and provide a real status, far more detailed than any SCADA system. Real cases of identified damages will be presented and briefly presented the monitoring know-how of more than 9 GW in wind turbines worldwide."

Dr. Steffen Biehl, Managing Director - Bachmann Monitoring
Peter Collmann, M.Sc. – Director Neo Wind

11h – Instituto Totum

Title: Renewable Energy Certificates Market - RECs (Brazil and the World)

Description: The RECs system is the way the consumer exercises the power to choose their energy. Brazil already has a program that has commercialized more than 500.000 RECs in the last 5 years.

Speaker: Luciano Figueredo - Analista do Instituto Totum

13h – KPIT Technologies

Title: Digital transformation for wind farms

Description: “Digital Transformation for Wind Farms – Operation & Maintenance. Provide information to managers to make decisions in "near real time", using IoT, Augmented Reality and Data Science.”

Speaker: Marciel Horie – Digital Transformation Practice Manager