Title: Inmetro actions and its support for the wind energy sector

Description:  The objective of this workshop is to present Inmetros measures oriented to the promotion of quality and competiveness of the wind power industry in Brazil.

There will be a special focus on those activities, which were developed as part of the Brazilian-German cooperation project named

“Strengthening the quality infrastructure for Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency”.

Speaker: Taynah Lopes de Souza - Advisor of the Scientific and Industrial Metrology Board

(Dimci – Inmetro: National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology)       


Title: New Winds of Ceará

Description:  Brief description of the presentation: The environment of attraction of investments, the competitive differentials, as well as the updated wind potential of the State of Ceará. Data based on a Vestas study, as well as operating results, show exceptional conditions for wind power.

Speakers: Cesar Ribeiro, Secretary of Economic Development, and Joaquim Rolim, Coordinator of FIEC Energy Nucleus.


Title: Project Management as One Stop Shop for Windfarms Construction

Description:  ENERCON / WOBBEN Project and Logistics Management (PLM) has the entire responsibility for the construction of the whole Windfarm, from our factories ex-works to the generation of energy.

PLM manages all Wind Energy Converters installation and commissioning, civils & electricals works and any related logistics processes.

This one-stop shop approach brings some advantages to customers and investors, as interferences management, integrated time-schedules and planning, unified reports and tools and optimization of site teams and infrastructure.

Speaker: Marcos Madureira – Head of Project and Logistics Management for Latin America


Title: The benefits of the GE Store in the context of the current Brazilian economy          

Description:  GE Energy Financial Services (EFS) is GE’s financial branch that invests in opportunities across the globe on the energy sector and that acts on both debt and capital markets to bring value to GE and its partners. The lecture will be focused on the different solutions EFS can offer given the current challenging outlook of the Brazilian economy.

Speaker: Daniel Castagnola - EFS - Global Markets Commercial Leader



Description:  Give an overview on NDX-AWP Global Installed Capacity; show the current O&M Contracts in Brazil and its locations - local Installed Capacity; Present the Service Structure in Brazil - How we are organized in the country; give an Overview on O&M Service Strategy; show the O&M Contracts performance - Availability & Achievements.

Speaker: Joel Costa - Head of Service Brazil




Title: Full-Converter Wind Turbines: Flexibility for grid code compliance of wind farms.

Description:  ENERCON wind turbines have been equipped for more than 25 years with full-converter technology developed in-house, allowing wind farms to work in a similar way than FACTS devices, complying with the world's strictest grid codes.

With the evolution of wind power generation, grid operators tend to present improvements in their technical requirements allowing more and more wind farms to be connected to the grid considering the particularities and benefits of the existing technologies.

In Brazil, the ONS (National Grid Operator) presents these innovations in periodic revisions of the “Procedimentos de Rede”, adding technical requirements each time more complex, which require adaptation of the different agents of the sector. In addition, considering the experiences of other countries, it is expected that the evolution in Brazilian grid code requirements should continue to evolve, as well as the technologies available in the wind turbines.

That means, the flexibility of grid connection is a fundamental subject that must be considered in the wind farm projects for Brazil to ensure the evolution of renewable energies in its matrix.

Speaker: Danilo Caldas


Title: Proposal of a commercial system of hybrid generation in local eolico-photovoltaic.          

Description:  The peculiarities of the Brazilian electric sector represents a great challenge in the search for solutions to the sustainable development of Brazilian electricity generation. Within a context of changes and new perspectives for a greater introduction of renewable energy in the national energy matrix, the hybrid generation of wind-photovoltaic energy in loco has been shown as a possible alternative to deal with lack Transmission infrastructure, as well to optimize already existing resources in a wind farm. The objective of this article is the presentation of a hybrid generation system in loco developed by General Electric and the development of a case study aiming to prove the energy viability of the proposed system.

Speaker: Gabriel Pontes - Services Specialist


Title: Service Vestas - Value proposition

Vestas Fleet Optimization Solutions      

Speakers: Iñigo Echevarria - Head Service Sales South Europe & LATAM

Andrés Ruiz - Service Sales Maint. & Multibrand Manager"         


Title: New tendencies of Risks and Insurance solutions for Wind Generation Projects

Description:  How to understand, manage and mitigate the risks of a wind project in its life cycle: design, construction, operation and maintenance. Which are the main exposures (material damages, climatic risks, regulatory, financial, among others) inherent to the wind energy generation and the solutions provided by the insurance market.

Speaker: Tiago Favarin de Moraes - Power Business Development Leader


Title: Adverse Transport Scenario in Brazil - strategies and solutions

Description:  Brazil: extensive country, needing a large transport network - Looking at one of the most picturesque and adverse economic and political scenarios, Grupo Cuello has offer with great energy road transport solutions in order to serve its customers and contributing to the Brazil´s growth.

Speaker: Graziele Fernández - General manager of Grupo Cuello


Title: Digital substations and process bus according to IEC 61850

Description: The digitization of the substation through the application of the Merging Units extends usage of Ethernet networks beyond the control room. This workshop relates the challenges of the modernization, expansion and construction of a new substations and the offer through a process bus in cost reduction, optimization of testing time and commissioning and safety.

Speakers: Julio Oliveira – ABB Engineering Manager for Automation Substation/ Alexandre Arcon – ABB Engineering Manager for Substations




Title: Classification Acc. to new IEC 61400-12-1 (03-2017) for SoDAR AQ510       

Description: The new IEC 61400-12-1 (03- 2017) specifies that remote sensing devices (RSD), SoDAR and LiDAR have to be classified and verified. AQ510 is the first SoDAR with a full IEC classification including sensitivity analysis to environmental parameters, which will be discussed.  

Speaker: Vincent Camier - Managing Director of Ammonit Measurement GmbH, Berlin (Germany)


Title: Services AOM5000 & Power+ on: Vestas multibrand service – An OEM becoming a fleetwide service partner

Services Multibrand & Supply Chain: Multibrand End-to-End Supply Chain

Speakers: Michael Richter - Director Multibrand Sales Development

Jesus Quintanilla –Supply Chain & Repair Manager, Multibrand Southern EMEA & LATAM

Ida Sundahl - Supply Chain & Repair Manager LATAM

Raphael Huot – Head of Supply Chain & Repair Southern EMEA & LATAM - TBC