11:00AM – ADECE – Agência de Desenvolvimento do Estado do CE

12:00PM – Instituto da Criança – Inspiration to action
For many years he worked as an entrepreneur. In 1994, after meeting Flordelis – a woman who adopted 55 children – over time, he and his friends began supporting her and other institutions. This movement formed a network of cooperation between those who needed support and those who could offer it. To legitimize this action they founded the Children's Institute.
Speaker:  Pedro Werneck, President at Instituto da Criança


02:30PM – Funding for Renewable Energies (Banco do Nordeste)
In this workshop, Banco do Nordeste will present its financial products for the funding of renewable energy projects in the Bank's operating area (northeastern of Brazil and northern regions of Espírito Santo and Minas Gerais).
Speaker: Nicola Moreira Miccione – Manager Promotion Office and Attraction of Investments and Institutional Relations of Banco do Nordeste in Rio de Janeiro
03:30PM – Logistics is a competitive differential (Grupo Cuello) 
The search for higher competitiveness, technological development and supply of  suitable products and services according to customer expectations are characteristic of the current market. The positive impact of logistics also affects the final quality of the produ ct and services. How is your logistics today?
Speaker: João Mateus – Commercial Director at Grupo Cuello / Graziele Stigger Fernandez – Controller General Manager at Transversátil



10:00AM – Urban Wind Energy: Exploring the turbulence of big cities (Furnas)
The increased population density in big cities is a warning about the need for electric power generation near the consumer load. The photovoltaic industry has attacked this problem with increasing success. Does the wind sector is able to do the same?
Speaker: Alexandre Pinhel, Engenheiro - Furnas
11:00AM – Wobben/ENERCON Wind Turbine Technology (Wobben/ENERCON)
Wobben/ENERCON, first large wind turbine manufacturer to be installed in Brazil and active in the Brazilian market since 1995, will address the technological advantages of their wind turbines, applications for the Brazilian market and technical solutions oriented to the satisfaction of its customers.                      
Speaker: Rafael Justi, Senior Sales Manager
12:00PM – O&M – Observing the foundation (BASF)
An increasing number of faults has been observed in the area of wind turbine foundations just 3 to 5 years after installation: design mistakes, dynamic loads, and the development of ever taller and larger turbines. The installation of onshore towers now involves developing solutions to tackle these issues.
Speaker: Eugenio Manzanares Sanches, Technical Service Manager Wind / Key Account On Shore Wind. Lecture in Spanish


02:30PM – Power Systems to electrification in wind farm – ABB’s experience (ABB)
Learn more about the ABB’s experience acquired in electrification for wind farms, helping customers to inject the entire power generated to SIN (National Integrated System) with maximum efficiency and reliability. In this workshop, it will be addressed topics, such as: mitigating losses in the medium voltage grid, power quality, reliability of colectors substations, standards for connection to SIN/ basic grid, and other topics.
Speaker: Alexandre Arcon – Gerente Geral de Engenharia de Subestações /ABB
03:30PM – Gamesa Service Portifolio
Aim – Presentation of the entire Gamesa’s Service Portfolio, pointing out the differentials, local structure, added value to Customers and O&M contracts customization options.
Speaker: Ricardo Lira, Service Director Gamesa
04:30PM – Digital Wind Farm (GE)
Built on the Predix, Digital Wind Farm enables you to collect, visualize and analyze unit & site level data. Using real time data a predictive model is built and big data is turned into actionable insights. These models are the basis of our IOT solutions, allowing optimized O&M, improved reliability, availability and increased energy production. 
Speaker: Uzair Memon - Global Digital Sales Leader at GE Renewable Energy
Lecture in English

05:30PM – Integrated Installation Solution and BOP (Wobben)
Integrating the management of civil/electrical works of the wind farm and wind turbine installation work with its manufacturer can bring advantages for the investor, such as unified tools, management of the intrinsic interferences of the work and optimization of teams and site infrastructure.
Speaker: Marcos Madureira, PM Manager



10:00AM – Products Gamesa: A consolidated portfolio for one of the most competitive markets in the world (Gamesa)
Our Technology department will present the portfolio of Gamesa wind turbines, which is among the leaders in the global wind market, with a consolidated platform and award-winning models.  Understand how to select the model that best fits any wind condition.
Speaker: Warwick Heaney, Director of Technology, Gamesa Brazil  Marcelo Ferraz Botelho, Presales Engineer, Gamesa Brazil
11:00AM – GE Services – Trends & Challenges (GE)
GE overview on services for onshore wind turbines. New technologies and services methodologies (O&M) aiming to increase reliability and availability of wind farms. “PowerUp”: technical upgrade and    more generation for installed base.  Challenges in the Brazilian market: “custo Brasil”, parts logistics & training.
Speaker: William Boger - Services Sales Manager

12:00PM – Opportunities for the wind power industry in Bahia (Government of Bahia)
With 68 plants in operation and installed power of 1.718MW, Bahia is a leader in the volume of contracted projects for wind power generation in Brazil. Companies like GE/Alstom, Acciona, Tecsis and Gamesa have already discovered the opportunities that good winds, infrastructure and State incentives provides.
Speaker: Paulo Roberto Britto Guimarães – Superintendent of Investment Promotion at Secretariat of Economic Development - Government of Bahia


02:30PM – Government of Pernambuco

03:30PM – Maximizing performance through independent services (WINDWERK)
Wind turbines are exposed to enormous stresses. not eliminated deficiencies affect their performance. To achieve a reliable energy production is essential to have a regular monitoring and maintenance. Inspections help to recognize problems early, thus avoiding losses. In this way it provides a longer life
Speaker:  Thomas Kunzmann – Director at WINDWERK