At Brazil Windpower, your company finds the best brand delivery opportunities for a highly qualified audience. This is the chance to highlight your company in the wind sector!

  • It is THE LARGEST WIND POWER EVENT IN LATIN AMERICA and is part of the international calendar of wind events.

  • Highly Targeted Audience! As a paid event, BWP only attracts professionals who really have a relationship and interest with the source, thus providing a meeting between your brand and a select audience.

  • Your brand guarantees prominence before an audience of approximately 3,000 people, being about 70% with high decision-making power, among them the main names of the sector.

  • By sponsoring an event of this size, your brand demonstrates leadership and commitment to a market that is booming.

  • From the aluminum to the host, the BWP has dimensions that fit according to your needs. In addition, it has countless special actions that can complement your participation in the event.


BWP is the best opportunity to interact with the Brazilian wind sector. Our participants have a highly qualified profile, composed, for the most part, of executives with great decision-making power in their companies.