1 – Conference topics

1.     Wind Resources Analysis

a.     Analysis and Forecasting of Wind Resource
b.     Generation Performance and Complementarity (between sources and / or between regions)

2.     Supply Chain and Logistics

a.     Supply Chain
b.     Operation and Maintenance - O&M
c.     Logistics
d.     Competitiveness of the Brazilian Wind Industry

3.     Integration of wind farms on the grid

a.     Integration and management of Wind Farms on the Grid
b.     Wind and Transmission Research
c.     Harmonics Research
d.     ONS Procedures

4.     New Technologies and R&D

a.     Hybrid Projects
b.     New Technologies
c.     Research and Development - R&D

5.     Wind Project Financing

a.     Wind Project Financing
b.     Financing Alternatives
c.     Risk Mitigation Mechanisms (including guarantees)

6.     New regulation, Commercialization, Social and Environmental challenges

a.     Regulation of wind farms
b.     Commercialization of Wind Energy
c.     Social and Environmental challenges

7.     Miscellaneous

2 - Requirements for Paper Submissions

2.1 - The submitted papers must be related to at least one of the subjects mentioned above;

2.2 - Papers should be written in English or Portuguese;

2.3 - Papers should not exceed 10 pages;

2.4 - Each paper should include the full title, purpose of the work, approach, results and conclusions;

2.5 - Please provide the full name of each author and co-authors, affiliation, mailing address, telephone number and email;

2.6 - Once the paper has been selected, the author must send a complete presentation, in power point, as indicated in Point 6 below;

3 – The submitted papers will be evaluated by the scientific committee, and all the authors will be informed of the results, by email.

The papers will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

1. Subject relevance to the conference theme;

2. Originality;

3. Understanding of topic 

4. Applicability

5. Analytical methods selection

6. Problem identification and proposition of solutions

7. Scientific contribution of the results

8. Analytical methods application

9. Quality of figures and schedules in paper

10. Quality of the results obtained

4 – Schedule

• Deadline for receiving papers: June 6 2018

• Communication of selected papers: between July 9-13 2018.

• Deadline to register for the participation at the event: July 20 2018.

• Deadline for receiving the final presentations: July 27 2018.

5 - Scientific Committee - Papers Brazil Windpower 2018

To be defined

6 - Final deadline for submissions

6.1 - The presentation of the final work should be prepared using the model presented in

"Power Point" (Windows 2003, Office 2003 or lower) available for download at

6.2 - Speakers should send their presentation electronically by latest July 27, via a link on the event website. Papers sent by fax or post will not be accepted

6.3 - The presentation should be prepared using the Arial font size 18 minimum. It is suggested to use the maximum size 24;

6.4 - Preferably use graphics and figures rather than charts;

6.5 – Remember that a figure may not be suitable for visual communication. It may be best to include such figures in the reading material, which can include details and can be examined at any time by the reader. A picture prepared to support an oral presentation should contain the minimum information to be assimilated easily;

6.6 - Do not display text slides straight from the paper;

6.7 - Avoid filling the slides with many formulas with the intention of making analytical statements;

6.8 - It is recommended to submit a maximum of ten (10) slides during the presentation.

6.9 - The Technical Scientific Committee may submit comments and suggestions for the improvement of the final works, which will be communicated to authors.

7 - Work Presentation

7.1 - The presentations are divided by theme;

7.2 - The final work must be presented in ten (10) minutes. Issues or questions raised by the panel and / or participants of the conference will be clarified during a panel discussion that will last for 15 minutes and will take place after presentations have been given.

7.3 - Each session will be moderated by a session chair, who will coordinate the discussions and ensure compliance with the schedule;

7.4 - Each work can only be submitted by a single Author / Presenter;

7.5 - For the presentation of each paper, it is mandatory that the Author / Presenter is registered at the event;

7.6 - The published name for the oral presentation will be the author who submitted the work. In case of absence, please provide the substitute’s name to the organization before the beginning of the session. It is mandatory that the replaced author is registered at the event;

7.7 - The Author must be at the conference room ready to present at the scheduled time. His/her absence at the scheduled time will lead to the loss of the right to present;

7.8 - In the conference room, there will be an area available for projection, and projection equipment;

7.9 - The certificate will be prepared with the job title, the name of the presenter and authors as stated on the registration form. Only one certificate will be awarded for work at the end of each session.

8 – Publication of Work

All works selected for presentation will be published after the event in PDF. The authors that confirm their participation and send their presentations automatically agree to their work being published.

9 - Registration

All authors of selected papers must register through the this FORM