Thirteen years after the pioneering initiative of Proinfa (The Alternative Energy Sources Incentive Program), which contracted wind energy in Brazil, the industry of this energy source has already achieved several relevant milestones and is experiencing a moment of consolidation. With a nationalized production chain and promising opportunities from the source, we celebrated 10GW of installed wind capacity in August 2016, a virtuous growth with surprising rates: we supply more than 15 million homes monthly, generate 150,000 jobs, avoid tons of CO2 equivalent to São Paulo’s fleet of cars and more.

Currently, we have 10.8 GW of installed capacity, distributed in 433 wind farms. By 2020, considering only the contracts signed and auctions already carried out, we will reach 18 GW. With new auctions, that number is still growing.

In the ranking of the ten countries with the highest installed capacity of wind power, Brazil has risen to 9th place in the list of the largest countries, surpassing Italy, which is 9.2 GW. In terms of regional dimensions, Brazil follows a leading Latin American and Caribbean ranking in both rankings (new and total capacity), accounting for 71% of the total accumulated and 65% of the new facilities in 2016.

Today, 7% of the energy of the Brazilian electrical matrix comes from the wind. This percentage, however, can reach 12% according to the Decennial Energy Expansion Plan 2024, produced by the Brazilian Government. In terms of generation, this existing wind potential already supplies up to 40% of all the energy needs of the Northeast, and in some moments supplied up to 10% of the entire national load.

About 10GW of wind power is currently contracted - at different stages of construction, which represent more than 5,000 wind turbines to be installed. And even with all that, there is still huge potential to be explored: more than 500GW can be installed all over Brazil.

In the next 4 years, R$ 60 billion will be invested in contracts already guaranteed by contracts and 150 thousand new direct and indirect jobs generated because of these new projects. Results of an extremely promising market.