Twelve years after the pioneering initiative of PROINFO (Incentive Program for Alternative Sources of Electric Energy), which contracted wind power in Brazil, the industry has achieved several important milestones and is now experiencing a period of consolidation. With a nationalised production chain and promising opportunities arising from this energy source, we celebrated, in August 2016, 10 GW of installed wind capacity: we supply over 15 million homes monthly, we generated 150,000 jobs, avoided tons of CO2 equivalent to the entire fleet of cars in the city of São Paulo and more.
Brazil is expected to reach around 20 GW of wind power capacity by 2020 with an average annual growth rate of 20% - this rate was actually 46% in 2015, higher than the world's largest wind power markets.
Today, 7% of the Brazilian energy matrix comes from wind power. This percentage, however, can reach 12% according to the Ten Year Plan for Energy Expansion 2024, produced by the Brazilian government. In terms of generation, the current wind potential already supplies up to 40% of the energy demand of the Northeast and, at times, even supplies up to 10% of all national demand.
About 10 GW of wind have already been contracted - at different stages of construction - representing more than 5000 wind turbines to be installed. And there is still a huge potential to be explored: more than 500 GW installable all over Brazil.
60 billion Brazilian Reais of investments have already been guaranteed by contracts over the next fours years, providing 150,000 new direct and indirect jobs. These are the results of an extremely promising market.