SAVE THE DATE - 28-30 AUGuST 2018

PREPARE for one more edition
of the laRgest wind power event
in latin america - bwp 2018

Brazil Windpower - Conference and Exhibition reaches its 9th edition bringing once again the best networking and business opportunities that surround the wind energy market in Brazil. The event is the largest in Latin America and will bring together once again the main authorities and the most important executives of the sector. The congress will gather the growth of the source in the Brazilian energy matrix, while the trade show will have the presence of the main national and international players, who will bring together suppliers of the entire chain.


The Brazil Windpower congress brings together, during 3 days, the main authorities and executives of the sector that bring to the fore the main issues of the wind sector of the present time. Among its participants, more than 68% have strong influence and decision-making power in their companies, making the BWP congress a unique opportunity for networking and branding impact among the highest echelon of the national wind sector.


Dozens of national and international players are gathered at the Brazil Windpower trade show, presenting their new releases and the main technological innovations . To complete the participant's value proposition, workshops with high-quality content are presented at no additional cost. Market research, new technologies and other topics add value to the visit of all attendees, making the BWP trade show an amazing opportunity for networking and content exchange.


Wind generation, with its industry is a success story in Brazil. Success needs to be expanded and maintained. There is much to do and the government must turn challenges into opportunities
— Eduardo Azevedo, Secretary of Energy Planning and Development of the Ministry of Mines and Energy
The wind energy sector has the capacity to help us set in motion the transmission projects, which is a short-term issue in the electricity sector
— Luiz Eduardo Barata, director general of the National Electric System Operator
We expect to reach 20 GW by 2020
— Lauro Fiuza, president of the Board of Directors of ABEEólica


GWEC helps open new markets for wind power. GWEC has a proven track record of success in helping to build the wind power industry in emerging markets around the world, including China, Brazil, Mexico, South Africa, and India.

The Brazilian Association of Wind Energy - ABEEólica, legal entity of private non-profit organization, brings together companies belonging to the generating Wind Power chain all over Brazil.

Grupo CanalEnergia is the leading content provider for the Brazilian Power & Utilities market. It operates the major online media outlet for the industry in the country, as well as a news agency and other business units.