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Wind power is now the fastest growing source of electrical power in Brazil. Between August and December 2015, the installed capacity increased by 23% with 56 new wind farms, according to the Electric Power Trade Chamber.

Brazil hopes to reach 18.8 GW of wind capacity by 2019 with an average annual growth rate of 20%. This rate was 46% in 2015, higher than any other wind growth rate in the world.

Today, 6% of the Brazilian power matrix relies on wind energy, which means 45 million people are supplied or every home in the northeast region. This percentage, however, could reach 12% according to the 'Ten Year Plan for Energy Expansion 2024', produced by the Brazilian government. MORE


Brazil Windpower 2016 – Conference & Exhibition is the largest wind power event in Latin America and, thus, the best opportunity to network and explore the marketplace. To be held in Rio de Janeiro/Brazil, from 30 August to 1 September 2016, the event gathers the main government authorities discussing the market growth at the congress, as well as the biggest players doing business at the trade show.

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GWEC helps open new markets for wind power. GWEC has a proven track record of success in helping to build the wind power industry in emerging markets around the world, including China, Brazil, Mexico, South Africa, and India.

The Brazilian Association of Wind Energy - ABEEólica, legal entity of private non-profit organization, brings together companies belonging to the generating Wind Power chain all over Brazil.

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